analog->digital transfers

MSB has facilities for transferring sound from most any recorded medium to any other recorded medium.

Specifically, we have equipment on hand to play any of the following formats:

In addition, we have equipment on hand to record on any of the following formats: If you need transfers to or from any formats other than those listed above, please e-mail us to check for availability and pricing.

NOTE: While we do provide transfers from one format to another, we are not a duplicating plant. If you need large quantities of any given format manufactured, you will need to contact such a business. However, in the case of CDs, we will be happy to produce a CD master which you can send to a pressing plant.

ALSO NOTE: For each item that we transfer, you will need to provide us with one of three things:

We reserve the right to refuse any transfer request that appears to be a flagrant violation of United States Copyright Law.


Our base rate for transferring from any standard medium (as listed above) to CD is $10 per 20 minutes of material, plus $5 per source item. For instance, if you want a 60-minute tape transferred to CD, that would be $30 for the length + $5 for one item = $35. But if you want 4 15-minute tapes transferred to CD, that would be $30 + 4 x $5 for four items ($20) = $50. After the transfer, additional copies are $1 per CD.

Transfers to CD are our most common. Rates for transfers to other media vary widely depending on content length and format. Please e-mail us for more information.

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