pricing information

Prices subject to change. All prices U.S. dollars.

NOTE: All prices listed here are for "standard" jobs. You may have an exceptional case which will cost more or less, depending on the circumstances. Please e-mail us for estimates based on your particular situation.

transfer/mastering services
first copy additional copies of same disc
CD transfers $10 per 20 minutes of material + $5 per source item $1/each
digital editing $5
audio restoration $30/hour

recording services
location studio
transportation/setup fee $35 N/A
recording $30/hour $30/hour
mixing N/A * $30/hour
engineer included included

* NOTE: A "rough mix" CD is included free with location recordings. This is intended as a reference for the musicians to determine which songs they would like to remix for release. Studio time must be booked for the mixing session.
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