Among MSB's many clients over the years have been:

On The Radio Broadcasting
Episode #97-30 of their radio program "The Dr. Demento Show" was recorded and edited at MSB.

Dr. Demento
MSB has provided numerous transfers, restorations, remixes, and edits to esteemed disc jockey Dr. Demento for use on his nationally syndicated radio show.

Spinout Records
MSB recorded The Kaisers and The Neanderthals live at Second Story (Bloomington, IN). Twist With The Kaisers was released on CD by Spinout Records. The LP was released by Blood Red Vinyl.

St. Paul Catholic Center
MSB recorded the album a place to call home on location at St. Paul Catholic Center, Bloomington, IN, 1999.

Mama Told Me Not To Sing! (Randy Newman tribute)
MSB did the noise reduction and mastering on LCD-1143, a CD tribute to Randy Newman.

Indiana University School Of Music
Under the direction of Professor Glenn Gass, MSB assembled CDs for use in Z201 and Z202 class lectures. We also helped remaster the 1989 Glenn Gass & Van Bartley album Ring Around Love (The Hollow Tree).

John Walsh & The Sinkholes
MSB did some editing and mastering work for their 1996 CD Antimatter Eisenhower on National Seed Records. MSB has also recorded many demos and live performances for them.

J.T. Smooth/Mad Zebra
MSB recorded J.T. Smooth's album How Did It Happen and has done recordings for several other Mad Zebra artists.

812/Dame Dizzle
MSB has recorded and mixed several songs for Dame Dizzle and others in the 812 crew.

Mindfulness Diet
In 2010, MSB recorded and edited the entire series of meditation CDs for Doug Hanvey's Mindfulness Diet program.

More references available upon request.

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