studio recording

MSB's main studio is approximately 24'x30', with three additional isolation rooms that are approximately 8'x8' each. We are capable of 24-track digital and 12-track analog recording (or a 36-track digital/analog combination, if necessary).

An upright Baldwin piano and two Yamaha keyboards are included and may be used at no extra charge. Also included is a Pearl drum kit with Evans and Remo heads and Paiste cymbals. (It has four rack toms, floor tom, snare, kick, ride, crash, and hi-hat.) Various percussion instruments are also available, such as shakers, tambourine, guiro, drum machine, etc. You will need to supply any other instruments.

Overdubbing, "punch-ins," take editing, EQ, effects, and most other common "studio trickery" is available.


Current studio rates are $30/hour. This fee includes use of the studio, piano, drums, control room and equipment, as well as the services of a recording engineer. The same fee applies to setup, recording, and mixing time.

If you are interested in our studio, please call us at (812) 339-3279 or e-mail us so that we can schedule a time for your session.

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