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Services offered by MSB include:
analog -> digital transfers general info details
audio restoration general info details
digital editing general info details
CD mastering general info details
location recording general info details
studio recording general info details
rehearsal space general info details

analog -> digital transfers

MSB can transfer your analog media to digital. In fact, we can transfer from almost any recorded medium to any other. For instance, we can transfer: Our specialty is transferring old tapes and records to CD for preservation. Do you have a favorite old record that is likely never to be reissued on CD? We can make a CD of it for you! Or perhaps you have cassettes of your band's early demos or videotapes of your family that need to be preserved for posterity. No problem!

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audio restoration

MSB can improve the quality of your old recordings. Are you annoyed by the pops and ticks in your record? Are those little dropouts on your tape driving you crazy? In most cases, MSB can reduce or eliminate these undesired defects in your media.

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digital editing

Digital editing is one of the most amazing capabilities to result from the current digital revolution. Most edits can now be done seamlessly, so that your listener will have no idea that any tampering has taken place. No more splice tape. No more clicks or thuds at the edit point.

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CD mastering

If you want to release a CD, you will first need to have it mastered. MSB is able to provide you a CD-R that is fully Red Book compatible, with PQ subcodes included. Most pressing plants will be able to press from this and waive the mastering fee. Having MSB do the mastering saves you money, and also gives you more input into the exact sound of the finished product.

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location recording

This service is mainly for bands playing live in Bloomington, Indiana, who would like a professional quality recording of their performance. It is also available for concerts, ceremonies, and festivals.

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studio recording

MSB also has a studio which is available for use. We can accommodate a four-piece band, as well as small-to-medium ensembles, but we cannot accommodate a symphony orchestra.

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rehearsal space

MSB's main studio is available for rehearsal space for your band, play, etc.

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If you have any questions about the services we offer, please contact info@morrisstudios.com
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