CD mastering

MSB can create a CD to conform to your exact specifications. Edits, crossfades, subindexes, variable length pregaps, and "hidden tracks" are all possible.

CDs can be created from virtually any recorded medium. You may supply us with multiple formats to be compiled onto one CD, and the tracks can be rearranged from what is supplied to any order you wish. Please see our page on analog->digital transfers for a list of the most common formats that we support.

In order to accurately create your CD, we need the following information:

And, of course, we need the DAT(s), tape(s), or other media which contain the tracks you want included on your CD.


Our base rate for transferring from any standard medium to CD is $10 per 20 minutes of material, plus $5 per source item. For instance, if you want a 60-minute tape transferred to CD, that would be $30 for the length + $5 for one item = $35. But if you want 4 15-minute tapes transferred to CD, that would be $30 + 4 x $5 for four items ($20) = $50. After the transfer, additional copies are $1 per CD.

If your CD will require any edits or crossfades, add $5 to the total cost. If your CD will require a copious number of edits or crossfades, please e-mail us with specific information so we can negotiate a reasonable rate.

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