digital editing

MSB's digital editing experience dates back to 1995. When it comes to making a good edit, we are perfectionists.

However, depending on the source material and where the edit needs to be done, not every edit can be unnoticeable. For instance, if phrases are being removed from a speech, the person talking may have a vocal inflection at the edit point that makes it obvious that an edit has been performed. Or, if recordings from two different times or locations are being edited together, changes in ambience might also make producing a seamless edit difficult.

We will do our best to mask these problems. We pride ourselves on making good edits. We can even provide audio samples via e-mail so you can approve the edit before we create your final copy.


This service must be ordered in conjunction with one of our other services, such as CD mastering or digital transfer. The charge is an additional $5 on top of whatever your charge is for the transfer, up to a reasonable amount of complexity. (If you need edits in a few tracks, the charge is $5. If you want to edit together 50 takes into one performance, we will have to negotiate a reasonable price.)

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